Target of my research

Dynamics of rod in an isotropic phase

One may think that the dynamics and rheology of rod fluids with an isotropic phase in an equilibrium state are well understood. But, I think that there is room for significant research. I will publish a paper soon.

Dynamics of a particle in an ideal gas

I'm interested in the dynamics of a tagged particle in a simple system. In a previous paper [APS], I investigated the tracer motion in a fluid composed of the point masses. Of course, the static structure and thermodynamics are the same with an ideal gas. One may think the tracer motion in such a system should be simple, but it shows complex behaviour in particular parameter regions. Namely, the tracer velocity is negatively correlated, the mean square displacement shows the plateau region, and non-Gaussian motion occurs. We clarified that the non-intuitive motion is caused by the correlated collisions with the same gas particle many times (This might be called a ring collision or repeated collision). The significance of this work is that the dynamic correlation can occur even in a rather simple system. The tracer motion can not be described by the Langevin equation due to the non-Gaussianity. A simple kinetic theory such as Enskog theory does not work because the effects of complex correlated collisions should be considered. I want to construct the formalism to describe the tracer motion in such a simple media.